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Webinar Presenter Tips & Guidelines

Webinar Presenter Tips & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in being a webinar presenter! At Biotics, our mission is to be the leading supplement company by inspiring, empowering and supporting holistic practitioners to heal the world. To that end, we do both business and clinical webinars to support our practitioners. We strive for our our webinars to have actionable content, whether it’s product education or tips for practice management.

The Customer Success Manager will be your primary contact, the moderator of your webinar, and your go-to person if you have any questions during this process.

Setting Up Your Webinar

Please email the below information to as soon as possible so we can set up the webinar.

Your email should include the following:

  • A high-resolution headshot photo
  • Full presentation title
  • Your preferred name with credentials
  • A short bio (6 sentences or fewer)
  • 4-7 point webinar description
  • Slides for your presentation (if you need product images, email us)
  • A “Welcome” message, seen by webinar attendees in the chat (optional)
  • Your poll questions (optional)
  • An optional link to a Lead Page, free resource, giveaway, etc.

Recommended Equipment & Set-Up

For your presentation setup, you will need:

  • A space with a clean background and good lighting. Natural light is best.
  • A working webcam
  • A USB headset or USB microphone with headphones to prevent echo and improve audio quality.
  • All computer and smartphone notifications turned off so you and attendees are not distracted during the presentation.

On The Day Of Your Webinar

Once we set up your webinar, you will get an email from GoToWebinar with a link to join as a presenter. Save this email so you can refer to it to get the join link.

Please join the webinar 30 minutes early so there is time to test screen sharing, video, and audio, and to briefly review the webinar structure with the moderator. Please do NOT click “Start Webinar” yet: the moderator will do this when it’s time.

Your moderator will do all the technical work; all you have to do is show up on the day and navigate your slides through screen sharing as the Presenter.

The structure of a typical presentation is as follows:

  • Introduction by moderator (5 Minutes)
  • Presentation with slides (45 minutes)
  • Q&A facilitated by the moderator (10 minutes) with webcams on (or off, if you prefer)

Webinar Planning Resources

Webinar Guidelines

You are welcome to talk about your own services that you offer and share any relevant  opt-in bonuses, but please wait until the end of the webinar for this. We ask that above all, any such offers are presented in a way that serves the customer, and not in a way that seems sales-pitchy. To that end, avoid discussing pricing or using sales clichés like “if you buy now/sign up now, I will throw in...”.

It’s not required to refer to Biotics products or services during the webinar, but it’s great if you can if your topic lends itself to that. People especially love success stories with specific products, and they always want to know the dosage and how you used it.


Biotics Research Northwest will apply $200 in wholesale credit to your account for being a guest speaker. Note that this does not cover sales tax or shipping.

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