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Everything we do is connected to our vision to heal the world

We want to shift the medical and food paradigms.  We believe in dealing with root causes rather than masking symptoms, and we believe that healing comes from real food: as pure, unprocessed, unadulterated, and nutrient-dense as possible.

We make food-based nutritional supplements for holistic professionals that are pure, hypoallergenic, bioavailable, and always 100% gluten free. 

We strive to inspire, empower, and support you, the holistic practitioner, so that you can do what you best: help others to heal. 


Holistic professionals within the Biotics Research Northwest territory* can set up a wholesale account. New accounts are eligible for a free $50 credit. 

*The Biotics Research Northwest territory includes WA, OR, ID, WY, MT, AK, and HI. If you are outside of this territory and want to set up an account, contact Biotics Research Corporation to find the Biotics distributor in your region. 


If you are a retail customer who wants to buy Biotics Research supplements, since our products are of a therapeutic strength, we strongly recommend that you work with a practitioner who can get them for you and closely monitor your progress.  If your practitioner does not yet have an account, you can send them this link to sign up. You can also purchase Biotics Research supplements through


“Biotics is the foundation for my clinical nutrition practice. I’ve been in practice for over 30 years using an AK-centric functional medicine approach. It’s a family practice doing everything from fertility work to geriatrics. Clinical nutrition is based on exams and labs. I’m extremely critical and anything I use has to produce results or it gets tossed. No other company comes anywhere near close for standards - sourcing, production, assay, and predictable results.” – Dr. Mark Force, DC



“My recent trip to the Biotics manufacturing facility was astounding. It never occurred to me that a supplement maker could be investing so heavily into product purity and quality control, far above and beyond FDA requirements. It helped me understand why their products work so well.” – Dr. Greg Nigh, ND


"I feel more supported and welcomed by you guys than any other supplement company I work with. Your products are amazing... I appreciate you and the good people over there so much!" – Jessica Eliason, NTP


Gray L. Graham, BA, NTP | President

Gray Graham has been an international consultant and teacher in the field of clinical nutrition for almost 25 years. Gray received his Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis on Nutrition and Natural Health from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. He was an Adjunct Professor at the South Puget Sound Community College, where he originally developed and taught the Nutritional Therapist Training Program. During his career, he has taught numerous seminars on nutritional therapy to physicians and other healthcare practitioners worldwide. Gray also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF). In 2001, he founded the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). The NTA has certified more than 3,000 Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) and Nutritional Therapy Consultants (NTCs) throughout the United States.

Kristin Tennison | Executive Director

A lover of life, Kristin is rarely without a smile. A good day for her is to feel her smile bring that joy of life to others. She's excited to be part of something SO amazing as the Biotics team. Previously a business owner, Kristin helped others meet their life goals with the purchase of their home. She furthered her interest in the health field while inspiring clients who were seeking better ways to improve their personal wellbeing.

 Kristin lives in Olympia with her super sweet husband, Mitch and darling daughter Kaya. She has amazing adult children, Kolton, living in Bellingham and Kallie, living in Rathdrum, Idaho.

A farm girl at heart, Kristin loves the outdoors! Best of all, she loves being on the water or biking and running -- pretty much any activity that makes her feel free with the wind in her hair.

In her twenties, Kristin spent nearly a year of her life in a wheelchair. A horrific horseriding accident resulted in an injury that caused doctors to question whether she would walk again. Boy, did she prove them wrong. Kristin was also told that if she had not been in great shape and healthy she would not have recovered.

Drive, dedication and the willingness to get the job done are Kristin's mission. Overcoming whatever obstacles are thrown her way, she enjoys the challenge! With that said, Kristin invites you, "Let's not waste any time! Let's heal the world together!"

Parker Sing, NTP | Blood Chemistry Specialist and Nutritional Consultant

Parker is our resident Blood Chemistry Specialist and Sales Rep. He is also a trained NTP, and can speak fluent Nutritional Therapist-ese. Since 2012, Parker has worked his way through the ranks, and our hearts, with his humor, dedication and endless well of compassion for our customers and their clients. His customer service skills and knowledge of the products have made him an invaluable member of the Biotics team in assisting those with difficult clients or for those that just need a laugh. His main focus has always been filling others with joy and we can't think of a better place for him to be! When not working, you will find him eating far too much Thai food, or hanging out with his main man, his cat Budget.

Allison Cavanaugh | Operations Manager

How do you spell industrious, dedicated, and endlessly tenacious? Allison Cavanaugh, that’s how. Allison has been an integral part of Biotics NW since 2000. Working as the Warehouse Manager for many of those years, making sure our customers received their orders with lightning speed and accuracy, and providing the best customer service was and is her hallmark. Now, as the Operations Manager, she has passed the torch on the day-to day-grind in the warehouse, and concentrates on keeping us up and running on a larger scale.

When not at work, Allison and her husband enjoy their two insane Boston Terriers and beloved cat. She often can be found nature worshipping (hugging trees), or enjoying her many nerd (Sci-Fi, video games) activities.

Wyatt Backholm | IT Manager

He’s young, he’s ambitious, and he’s a vivacious IT tech. He enjoys problem solving, and takes them down like they’re Christmas lights in January. His IQ has yet to be accurately measured due to the tests feeling inadequate. He’s an alpha male, insatiable, and a jackhammer. He enjoys working out and reading his magazine subscriptions to Cat World and Muscle and Fitness. When he’s not at work, he can be found traveling as much as possible with his beautiful wife Piper, and growing his web design/development business. He is also currently taking classes to get his degree in Management Information Systems. (MIS)

Melanie Figeley, NTP | Customer Care

Melanie comes to us from a 10 year background in Radiology. Ready for a life change, she dove into the natural health world. Learning and spreading information about the "Real Food Movement" is what drives her. In her free time, Melanie loves to cook and work in her garden. As a lover of nature, Melanie and her husband enjoy biking the trails of the Pacific Northwest and traveling to Caribbean islands.

Toria Loi-On | Customer Care

Who’s that girl? What’s her name? Is she cool? Is she lame?
Oh, you’re talkin ‘bout what’s-her-name--- TORIA! Toria’s pretty cool, to say the least. She is the oldest of ten children and looks up to all of her siblings because she is also the shortest. When she is not working, she is spending time with her family and hunk of a boyfriend, Jeremy. She enjoys watching her brothers play rugby, longboarding with her best friend and baby sis Destiny, spotting for Jeremy at the gym and binge watching shows on Netflix. She is so happy to be working with the most interesting bunch of people here at Biotics NW and looks forward to spending more time learning all that she can about holistic health care so that she too, can help heal the world.

Alli Fischl | Customer Care

You want to know about Alli? Well where to start; Alli is one of the most hardworking and caring person out there. She's very punctual when it comes to work and takes every job seriously.  This is her first step into a great career out of fast food.

 She loves to hang out with her friends and playing video games, but she doesn't let that stop her from hanging out with her amazing mom and coolest step-dad.  On her down time at home she loves to spend time with her rescue cat Belle. Who is 7 months old I might add.


Kelsi Stockert | Rugby Badass

Kelsi has done it! Her decade long journey to get contracted with the USA 7’s Women’s Rugby Team is a reality. She is moving down to the San Diego training facility, and is now a USA Women’s Eagle! Her 2017 goal in Rugby 15’s is to make the World Cup Team, and compete in Ireland.

We are more than ecstatic for her, her daughter Lily and boyfriend Nick. She will always be a part of the Biotics NW Family. We love you Kelsi!


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