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Posted on October 27 2017

4 Products To Support Sugar Cravings & Prevent A Sugar Hangover

What a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing, and our favorite cheat holidays are just on the horizon. An avalanche of baked goods, candy, and just about every other kind of sugar concoction will soon be upon us. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you some supplements that will help deal with the sugar load for your patients, clients and family.



This is our hypoglycemia product; however, it also works to offset the negative effects from having too much sugar. Let say you’re halfway through that second piece of pumpkin pie and have started to feel the stomach upset. You can take (1-2) Glucobalance to help your body deal with the immediate effects.

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Bio-Glycozyme Forte™

Do you get "hangry" (hungry + angry)? Sugar symptoms might be exacerbated during the next couple months, so if you or someone you know typically gets lightheaded or irritable if meals are missed, consider giving them (2) between each meal.

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Optimal EFAs Caps®

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Consider increasing your daily amount of fats to help offset the amount of sugar coming at us. Giving sugar a proper vector for absorption and removal can do wonders for your tolerance level. A dose of around (1-2) with each meal for the next few weeks will increase your ability to deal with high glycemic foods and snacks.

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Gymnema Sylvestre

We don’t currently have this nutrient in our line, but I thought it would interesting to talk about. Essentially it interferes with your ability to taste sweetness, lowering cravings. If you heard about “miracle fruit” that completely inverts your taste buds making sweet tastes sour and vice versa, this is somewhat similar, but on a less drastic scale. Consider giving to clients that can’t get sugar off of their minds!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

We do hope you make it through this season with as little collateral damage as possible. Between the stress and sweets it will test us all. Also remember that if you have any candy to get rid of you can send them to my office where I promise they will be disposed of in a controlled, responsible, and safe manner.

Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chemistry Specialist
Biotics Research Northwest

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