Parker Sing

Hey everyone!

On todays not so well known product video we talked about OOrganik-15™!

This product is essentially a concentrated source of methyl donors and acceptors with many practical applications. This formula can be useful with those dealing with free radical pathology as well as neuromuscular diseases.

Ideal candidates for this product would be the elderly as well as endurance athletes. You can take up to 5 before an endurance activity to allow your body the ability to better utilize oxygen and get you the most bang for your buck in terms of performance.

If you need metabolic support this product can be a real game changer for yourself and your family! The cost of the product for your clients/patients is around 17 dollars so very easy to add into the budget. Hope you all enjoy the day and stay tuned for more videos!

 Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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