Lazy supplements for Malnutrition

Parker Sing

Hey guys!
It is Malnutrition awareness month/ week and today we talked again about lazy products! These are the kinds of items to add in if someone you know isn’t taking care of all of their dietary needs with food. Here is a brief list of the products we discussed!

NitroGreens: Give our clients a dose of dark leafy greens, If you have someone who has trouble eating veggies this is a great addition to their diet.

Bio-Trophic Plus: Whole food multi-vitamin, great to take with meals to add a bit more nutrient density to the meal

Whey/Pea-Protein: For our clients that have difficulty adding protein to their diet or those converting from a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Nutri-150: The newest product on the list, works as a meal replacement for those on the go!

In a perfect world our clients would eat exactly what we told them, for those that are a bit more stubborn here are some excellent products to consider adding in.

Hope you all enjoy the day and we will see ya next time!



Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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