CurcumRx™ & Arsenic Toxicity

Melanie Figeley

 It is nearly impossible not to ingest arsenic in one form or another. Recent studies have shown Turmeric or more specifically the curcuminoid compounds found in the root have a positive effect on the DNA damage.  Curcumin has been shown to increase the repair of damage to DNA from arsenic and increased the repair enzyme, polymerase. Curcumin increased the detoxification enzymes, such as catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and serum oxide dismutase (SOD). 

As arsenic enters our systems through food, water, and chemicals it immediately starts the oxidation process.  Oxidation leads to cellular and DNA damage.  Arsenic toxicity has a wide range of symptoms from GI distress to cancer, as it is a type one carcinogen. Let us be proactive! Biotics Research CurcumRx™’s unique composition is 100 percent turmeric, featuring a minimum of 45 percent curcuminoids plus standardized levels of more than 200 beneficial nutrients found in turmeric root – including polysaccharides, dietary fiber, turmerone oil, and turmerin fiber. It is this unique composition that is responsible for its greater absorption, stability, and bioavailability. 

Melanie Figeley, NTP
Biotics Research NW
Customer Success Manager
Blood Chemistry Fundamentals
Crystal Hoarder

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