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Caribbean is my happy place, Me loving Magen's Bay, St. Thomas

I travel a lot for work and pleasure! Recently, I was cruising the Caribbean. We had no choice but to eat on the ship. I maintained a supplement protocol and made the best choices I could by asking the right questions, mostly about cooking oils and gluten. Organic anything was out of the question! I always go for the meat and veggie option. Looking for the usual code words “crusted, crispy, marinated”, etc. I believe the cleaner one has eaten for a longer time, the easier something like a dairy based soup will take us down! Even that “Vacation Splurge Meal” will have you regretting you splurged. Whether it’s a headache or digestive upset, no one wants to not feel 100% on vacation! Not worth it!

Hanging with sea turtles in Barbados! 

With that said, here is the protocol I used to keep myself somewhat protected from anything that might get into my system.

* Gluterase® (2) with the first bite. This is Bioitcs’ wildly popular incidental gluten exposure product. The enzyme, Tolerase G, will latch itself on to proline in the gluten and start to break it down before it can be absorbed by the intestines. Disclaimer: This is for accidental or incidental exposure, not a reach for the bread basket pass. ☺

* Betaine-Plus HP™ (1-2) with each meal. This is Biotics high potency hydrochloric acid. Helps the stomach get that extra kick to break down or burn up anything that might be trying to multiply in the stomach. Not for those with ulcers or any kind of gastric lesions.

* Beta-TCP™ (1-2) with meal. A blend of taurine, vitamin C, pancrelipase, and organic beet concentrate helps in supporting healthy bile flow to bind and move toxins out of the system.

* Bromelain Plus CLA™ (1-2) with each meal. This supplemental enzyme support helps break down the proteins, fats, and carbs in foods. Also, it can be taken on an empty stomach to help fight inflammation, should you misstep and hurt your ankle or get stung or bitten by a bug!

* BioProtect Plus™ (1) 3 times daily. A broad-based antioxidant, free radical, scavenging super star supplement! Perfect for all the chemically treated shower water, non-organic produce, conventional meats, and the constant spray of toxic antibacterial chemicals in the air.

*ScentArest™ was also on hand taken as needed, provides nutrients the body needs to meet the onslaught of compounds that may trigger chemical intolerance and sensitivities, and offers nutritional support for healthy, functioning detoxification pathways, mitochondrial function, and methylation processes.

Aside from supplemental support I started each day with a “shot” of kraut juice, ate kraut daily, and made sure to stay well hydrated. I was surprised how amazing my digestion was while on vacation.

In my bag I did carry an all-around holistic emergency kit. This included activated charcoal powder caps and ADP® (emulsified oregano tabs from Biotics), just in-case I got into something without knowing! I am a delicate flower. ☺

My Stash!, Intenzyme Forte and NAC boxes are FULL of supplements!

An insider tip for you. Cruise ships have Mini Fridges in the cabins. I brought on two bags of kraut, butter, coconut aminos, Nut Pods, and two cases of water. Yes, the water was in plastic bottles, but it saved us a ton of money! More things I brought on were pink salt, Dandy Blend, Vital Proteins, and my own favorite organic tea. While it may seem excessive, it was really nice to have some of my staples!


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