Throwback Thursday: Supplementation For Our Furry Friends

Parker Sing

Supplementation For Our Furry Friends

By Parker Sing, NTP

As an avid pet lover, I couldn’t let another week go by without talking about some of the best products we have available for our four-legged companions. In a perfect world, the food we give our pets should handle all of their health needs; however, in the case of specific conditions or breed, some supplemental intervention may be required.

Arthritis and Joint Issues

"What would be best for joints and ligaments?" is one of the most common questions I get relating to large breed dogs. The answer: glucosamine and chondroitin. Both nutrients have been shown to be beneficial in treating arthritis and joint issues in both man and animals. You would be looking at around (1) Chondrosamine-S each day if your pet is less than 100 pounds; for some of the larger breeds you can go upwards of (3) each day. 

Dry, Flaky Coat

Is your pet's coat dry or flaky? Often as our pets age, it becomes more difficult for them to secrete the oils necessary to keep their skin moist and coat healthy. For this, some simple fish oil will go a long way. Give around (1) Optimal EFAs Capsule with your pet’s foods each morning to maintain that glossy coat.


Inflammation can be a real silent nuisance to your pet. My old yellow lab Lync used to sit around the house all day as he got older, no longer interested in chasing my brother and I around the house. We didn’t realize he was too inflamed to do anything and once we started regularly dosing him with KappArest, it was like night and day; he was back to chasing, begging and barking just like a puppy! Just one capful sprinkled over his food twice a day was all he needed. 

Accidental Poisoning

Finally, I wanted to talk about Bio-K-Mulsion. One of our vets contacted me to let me know that one of their cats had gotten into some rat poison. The blood thinner was doing its job and she was very worried the cat would bleed out internally. With some quick thinking, every hour, she would administer one drop of the Bio-K-Mulsion, and eventually, the cat was able to stabilize. I heard this story some time ago but still fills me with joy when I think about it.

In general, there hasn’t been much testing on supplements with pets, so consider yourself a researcher, and be very mindful of dosing.

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Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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