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Red Ribbon Week: Products for Addiction

Posted on October 25 2017

Hey Everyone!


It's Red Ribbon Week this week so we talked a bit about addiction as well as some products to help our clients transition away from substance abuse. There are many factors that go into addiction and these supplements don’t offer all the answers but can do wonders to help those looking to make a change.


Dopa Tropic Powder™: For people trying to quit smoking. If your client has recently quit smoking and is having trouble with cravings a spoonful of this under the tongue will almost immediately stop the craving. They can have as much as they would like however avoid giving it to those who are on dopamine uptake inhibitors.


Bio-B Complex™: those struggling with addiction are typically low in b-vitamins. If you are unable to determine the specific one giving a broad spectrum B complex can do a lot of good.


Li-Zyme Forte™: Think of it as a chill pill, If your client is prone to frustration or depressive episodes a couple of these will help straiten them out. They can have a max of around 6 each day, anything over that and the body has difficulty absorbing more. This is a plant based lithium product so you don’t have to worry about heavy metal toxicity!


Bio-D Mulsion Forte™: I can’t tout the benefits of vitamin D enough, if you have someone who is struggling with depression or addiction this can be a great first step toward making them feel better!


Keep the ones you love close and those struggling even closer. Enjoy the week and I'll see you tomorrow for a new video on not so well known products!


Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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