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Pregnenolone Steal

Posted on December 04 2017

Quick video today about Pregnenolone Steal!

A rare condition to run into with surprisingly easy support! Pregnenolone Steal refers to the condition when your body converts pregnenolone into cortisol instead of sex hormones. Overtime this can cause a range of issues to our hormones so early detection and support is recommended. If you have blood work available the first indication will be low DHEA. If you run into this I recommend running a test called EPMHP from Diagnostechs to get an accurate picture of hormones. If the steal is occurring instead of loading them with more pregnenolone instead support adrenals as it’s the only organ that regularly uptakes this precursor.


To regulate the adrenals our two main products for support are ADHS™ and ADB5-Plus™. To determine which will be more effective determine if the issue is related to circadian rhythm or if the organ itself is overworked. ADHS™ for the rhythm at (2) upon rising and (2) at noon, for supporting the gland give ADB5-Plus™ (2) upon rising and (2) at noon.


Hope this helps and I'll see you all soon!


Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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