Pain Awareness Month!

Parker Sing

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today we chatted briefly about pain management! When it comes to chronic pain we rarely talk about the resources that are drained from the body when someone experiences this issue for a long period of time. Here are a few products that work well for those dealing with constant pain.

B-Vitamins: Are constantly being used up to send information to the brain that you are experiencing pain. To recharge B6 Phosphate is incredibly beneficial for those experiencing pain.

Aqua Mg-Cl™: for muscle pain, keeping a balance of magnesium is integral for long term support of muscle pain. Be careful with this product as too much can cause loose stools.

Intenzyme Forte™: Digestive enzymes, helps take some of the burden off of the body when it comes to long term inflammation.

Bio-Mega 3™: Omega 3 can become drained from the body quickly if your client experiences long term pain as well as inflammation. Keep them stocked up so their body can continue healing.

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Hope you all enjoy the week!

Parker Sing, NTP
Biotics Research NW, Inc.
Blood Chemistry Specialist