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Posted on November 08 2017

Today we discussed Epilepsy!
In the simplest terms Epilepsy refers to a condition where individuals have multiple seizures without a root cause. People can often experience seizures in conjunction with other conditions however those with Epilepsy have no root cause. For individuals with this condition support is limited but can have large impacts on overall quality of life. When dealing with this condition you want to rule a few things out first. Magnesium deficiency, low b6 levels and heavy metal toxicity.
For those with low b6 levels consider giving B6 Phosphate™.
Mg-Zyme™ for those with low magnesium levels. The other benefit is that Mg-Zyme™ offers multiple forms of magnesium to cover multiple avenues of support.
Porphyra-Zyme in conjunction with a detox can give your body the extra tools it needs to purge excess heavy metals.
I pulled a lot of info for this video from these sources:
Hope you found this video useful, enjoy the day!
Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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