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Chiropractic Health Month

Posted on October 18 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Today we talked about some good products to use as a chiropractor! There are lots of areas to support so here are a few options that we discussed.

Intenzyme Forte™ vs KappArest™: in generally Intenzyme Forte™ is for body inflammation and KappArest™ is more geared toward brain inflammation. If you have someone who experienced a concussion consider giving the KappArest™ over the Intenzyme Forte™.

Bio-CMP™: for those with constant muscle aches or poor muscle control. The product works to balance calcium, magnesium and potassium. Take before working out for best results.

Cytozyme-AD™ or ADHS™: those who cant hold an adjustment between sessions could be dealing with adrenal issues. To regulate first start them on the Cytozyme-AD™  (2) upon rising and (2) at noon. After they complete one bottle switch them to the ADHS™ at the same dose.

Hope this was helpful for you all! Enjoy the day and I'll see you soon!

Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.

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