Bone and Joint Awareness Week!

Parker Sing
Today we talked about Bone and Joint health awareness week! We discussed a few options to support those family members in need.
Osteo-B II™: This product works well as a multi-vitamin for those will weak or brittle bones. Has optimal levels of magnesium and calcium to keep them moving.
Bio-K forte Caps™: If you have someone with brittle bones an excess build-up if calcium in the body such as arteries and joints they no longer have a calcium issue but an issue with calcium management. A combination of magnesium as well k2 can help force the calcium back into the bones. Consider giving (2) 3x each day for those with calcium disorganization.
Bio-ADEK Mulsion™: One of our newest products, much like the Bio-D Mulsion Forte, supplies vitamins A, D, E, and k1 and k2. This can work as a management product for those who are dealing with osteoporosis.
For joints we have many products that utilize chondroitin sulfates. My personal favorite is the ChondroSamine Plus™, start them with a loading dose of around (2) 3x each day. After a few days reduce them down to (2) each day. Also be sure to check hydration status as well as possible autoimmunity for chronic joint pain.
See you all on Wednesday!
Parker Sing, NTP
Blood Chem Specialist
Biotics Research NW, Inc.