Back to School Products

Parker Sing

Hey everyone!

Today we were talking about a few back to school products for yourself and the little ones. We talked about energy management as well as some strategies for preventing illness in the first few months of school.

IAG: Bio-film disrupter, if yourself or child is strating to come down with an infection have them nput a couple scoops in water. Do this a couple times a day for a few days to either prevent or shorten the time that symptoms are acute.

Amino- Acid Quick Sorb: broad spectrum amino liquid for helping with energy levels.

B12-2000: Same benefit as Amino acid quik Sorb however these are small lozenges that taste like cherry candy.

Bio-D mulsion forte: Vitamin D is fantastic for energy as well as  immune system, give them around (1) drop each day for overall body support.

Happy to be back from my vacation and ready to help in any way that I can, enjoy the week and ill see you on wed with a new video!

Best regards,
Parker Sing, NTP