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Harnessing Your "It" Power For Success: What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Posted on June 02 2016

I’m blessed with the opportunity to chat with multiple spectacular holistic practitioners on a daily basis.  From my position, there are some common traits that tie our most successful practitioners together. The list could go on and on, but here it is in a nutshell:

  • passionate
  • confident 
  • driven to help
  • authentic
  • community-minded
  • constantly learning
  • effective and efficient

Even though there are these common traits tying them all together, there are also a vast number of differences. What I find intriguing is the way each practitioner has found their “it”, or in other words, their uniqueness. They found their unique superpower that is innately theirs, and it sets them apart from the crowd or competition. You know these practitioners, too. They are the ones you are drawn to when they walk into a room; they are the ones that inspire you. 

How Did They Find Their "It"?

You might believe it’s because they have done more work than you. They have taken more classes or have more letters behind their name, but I would argue they’ve done another type of work: they did their soul seeking or they found their true clarity. However you look at it, they did the inner work that allowed their outer world to reflect their unique gifts. 

I think that I speak for most of us who are constantly learning and peeling back those layers that at times it seems daunting to figure out our “it", but keep going! In the last two years at Biotics Research NW, I’ve experienced many breakdowns and breakthroughs. It hasn’t been a clear linear path. It’s actually been a bit of winding self discovery with hills, valleys, dips, twists and turns. With all of that, dare I say I think I’m joining the list of those who have uncovered their inner “it”?  

I’m clear today on what makes my heart sing: mentoring, inspiring, and creating connections with passionate healers who are doing to work to shift the food paradigm, the healthcare paradigm and the overall state of the world. I know my vision is big, and at times I feel a bit overwhelmed, but then I make a connection with a practitioner, they leave inspired, and it makes my heart sing.

Find YOUR "It" 

Here are some resources I highly recommend for uncovering your "it".

Meditation (yes, I know you’ve heard this before, but it really works!)
Books (I always have my nose in a book):

What books have you read that have inspired YOU in finding your "it"? 

In blissful connected love,

Lacy Waltermeyer, NTP, Executive Director

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